Applications to protect you from keyloggers.


Removes spyware, hidden files on your pc, pornographic content, prevents password theft, detects keyloggers and a lot more. I highly recommend this program and use it myself. Key features include:

Remove traces of documents opened, pictures viewed.
Detects and removes "spy" software that logs your activity.
Find and remove forgotten pictures on your machine.
Permanently erase files using the industrial shredder.
Protect your home page against hi-jacking.
Generate Secure Passwords that cannot be guessed by anybody.
Portable! So small you can take it with you to public machines.
TCP/IP and hide and show hidden windows, and port analysis.
Can be configured to run on boot or on demand scanning.
On board encyclopedia works with SpywareGuide to show details
on spies found.

Verifies and fixes Layered Service Provider Settings.
Inoculation function to block rogue active-x controls.
Automated update service to the anti-spy database.
Detects common adware, keyloggers, dialers and malware.


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Flagship software application Anti-keylogger for Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP is the FIRST product of its kind in the world that can provide every computer with strong protection against most types of unauthorized keylogging software, both KNOWN and UNKNOWN.

Anti-keylogger is a program designed to combat against various types of intrusion and monitoring programs currently in use or presently being developed worldwide. Unlike the typical "antivirus" approach, it does not rely on pattern-matching, so it may work on new or unknown types of activity monitoring programs.

These applications can help you to eliminate (deactivate) threats to the integrity and security of your computer network.

You can purchase a single or multiple license(s) of Anti-keylogger. Please see the discounts for multiple licenses listed below.















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