Jump drive cause of failure



Most of the Jump drives, Thumb drives I have ran across that don't work are usually
due to broken solder joints. I believe this is mostly due to accidental mistreatment.
I believe there are probably some with poor soldering.

I have come across two Jump drives I could not repair. This is because one had been
ran over by a car and the other had been left in the rain then plugged into the USB port.

TIP- Never apply power to any electronic device that is wet or has condensation on it.
Let the device set in a warm area for a few hours or days before using.
If possible take the device apart and dry out all the moisture. Do not disassemble
the device if it will void your warranty or can hurt you.


Accidental mistreatments:

  1. Plugging your Thumb drive in and out incorrectly. When your Jump drive is not inserted
    or pulled out straight, you are putting unnecessary pressure on the solder joints causing them
    to weaken.

  2. Slinging your Jump drive by its rope on your finger and then it suddenly goes flying across
    the room and bouncing off the wall or your friends head.

  3. Forgetting you have the Jump drive plugged in the USB port on the front or side of your
    computer and hit it with your leg causing a nasty cracking sound. (I did this once to my
    Lexar Thumb drive. It is a terrible sad sound.)

  4. Jump drive damaged from routine use.
    I am assuming incorrectly inserting and removing has caused this drive to fail.

    The cracks in the solder will appear a dull silver color when viewed with a magnifying glass.


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