USB Jumpdrive - How to repair.



    Here are the plain and simple steps.

  1. Make sure you have verified that your drivers are installed correctly.
  2. Check to see if your device is under warranty or you do not care about the warranty.
    I will not be responsible if you void your warranty or cause any other damages to yourself or equipment..
  3. Disasemble usb thumb drive with care.
  4. Check the solder joints for cracks.
  5. Carefully heat each joint and apply solder.
  6. Reassemble thumb drive.


Detailed steps with pictures


Here is the device I will be preforming the solder joint fix on.
I have already verified there is not a driver issue.


I have removed the outer cover of the jumpdrive by gripping
the silver outer cover with one hand, holding the blue plastic with the other and firmly wiggled and pulled the silver outer cover off. You may have to tap the lip of the outer cover on an edge of a desk or counter to first get it to break lose.


In order to split the cover apart you have to carefully pry and twist at certain points with a small screwdriver.

I have marked the points I used with black dots. It is best to start on one seam and then do the other side, saving the back for last.
Here is the PCB with all componets removed completely from the case.

If you look at the joints in the green circle, you will see there is not very much solder on the four connectors.
If you look at your soldered connections through a magnifying glass, you might see cracks in the solder.
The cracks will be a dull silver color.
Take your small pick and try to carefully lift on each of the silver legs. If any of them lift up, it is definitely broken and needs repaired.


Carefully heat one of the legs untill you see the solder liquify on the leg.
Then touch your solder lightly on the tip of the iron and leg connecting to the board.
Do this to each one of the broken connections. Just to be on the safe side, I would do it to each one anyway.

Be very careful not to overheat the connections and bump your soldering iron against any other componets.
After you re-solder one leg, let it cool down for a minute or two before you proceed to the next.


After you have repaired you drive it is time to reassemble it. I used extremely small drops of super glue. I place a drop on each one of the black dots represented in the picture.
It may not be necessary to glue this drive back together because of the outer cover holding it together. It might be necessary for other jumpdrives.


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