Copying old drive to new drive

There are many programs that can copy your existing data to your new hard drive. I am going to focus on xcopy because it comes with Windows.

Depending on what file system and operating system you are copying, you will use different xcopy switches.

Here is the syntax and what the switches do:

xcopy [source] [destination] /E /C /H /K /R /Y /O

xcopy program used to copy

[source] Location containing the data you want to copy from
[destination] Location you want to copy the data to.
/E Copies all directories, even empty directories.
/C Continues to copy if there are errors.
/H Copies hidden and system files.
/K Copies file attributes.
/R Overwrites read only files.
/Y Overwrites files without prompting user.
/O Copies file ownership and ACL information. NTFS ONLY

xcopy c:\ d:\ /E /C /H /K /R /Y /O

DOS Win 95 OSR2 NT 3.51  
Win 3.1 Win 98 NT 4  
Win 3.11 Win 98SE Win XP  
Win 95 Win XP Win 2000  
  Win 2000 .net 2003  














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