Windows 3.1 xcopy

Copying your hard drive to another with Windows 3.1 is very easy. I will list the syntax and needed switches just for reference.

xcopy [source] [destination] /S /E

xcopy Program used to copy.
/S Copies all files and subdirectory in current directory.
/E Copies subdirectories, even if they are empty.
If you use the /E you must use the /S

Example xcopy c:\ d:\ /s /e

I am assuming that your drive letters are the same as I am using. If not, just substitute your letters for the source and destination.

It is hard to see the spaces in the command so here is where they are.

1. Boot your computer to a DOS prompt.

2. Type in xcopy c:\ d:\ /s /e and hit enter.

3. That is it. Be sure to test your new drive before you wipe out the data on it.













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