USB Flashdrive Repair


Does Windows ever give the error usb device unrecognized when you plug in your jumpdrive?
You know for a fact that your usb jumpdrive was working in your computer the last time you used it.

After you have verified that you have the correct drivers installed and pulled your hair
out from hours of frustrating troubleshooting, there might be another possibility to why it is not working.

This little trick requires some cheap tools, beginner soldering skills and a steady hand.
Do not attempt this if your device is under warranty becaue this repair tip WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY.

I do not guarantee this will fix your drive, but what do you have to lose if it is out of warranty.

I hope you enjoy this tip and learn some simple soldering skills. Even if this does not fix your drive,
you will know of something else to look for other than computer driver problems.



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