Windows XP, SP1, SP2 NTFS xcopy


This is for NTFS


There are a few steps required after xcopying Windows XP,SP1,SP2.
Here is the list of switches you will use and the steps to xcopy.

xcopy [source] [destination] /E /C /H /K /R /Y /O

xcopy program used to copy

[source] Location containing the data you want to copy from
[destination] Location you want to copy the data to.
/E Copies all directories, even empty directories.
/C Continues to copy if there are errors.
/H Copies hidden and system files.
/K Copies file attributes.
/R Overwrites read only files.
/Y Overwrites files without prompting user.
/O Copies file ownership and ACL information. NTFS ONLY

xcopy c:\ d:\ /E /C /H /K /R /Y /O


  1. Make sure you have a Windows XP installation cdrom.

  2. In the run box type: xcopy c:\ d:\ /E /C /H /K /R /Y /O
    (I am assuming that your drive letters are the same as I am using. If not, just substitute your drive letters for the source and destination.) and hit enter.

  3. You should see a DOS window open up listing all the files it is copying.

  4. After xcopy is finished, shutdown and power off the computer and remove your primary drive.

  5. Set the jumpers on the slave drive to master and secure it in the case.

  6. Power on your computer, enter the CMOS and autodetect the drive
    for the primary. Depending on your computer you may have to manually configure the CMOS.

  7. Exit the BIOS, restart your computer and boot from the Windows XP installation cdrom.

















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