MSCDEX provides access to CD-ROM drives. MSCDEX can be loaded from your AUTOEXEC.BAT
file or from the command prompt. (The device driver that came with your CD-ROM drive must be loaded from your CONFIG.SYS file. For more information, see NOTES)

The MSCDEX command should not be used after Windows has started.


MSCDEX /D:driver [/D:driver2... ] [/E] [/K] [/S] [/V] [/L:letter]


/D:driver1 [D:driver2... ]
Specifies the driver signature of the first CD-ROM device driver. The driver1 parameter must match the parameter specified by the /D switch on the CONFIG.SYS command that starts the corresponding CD-ROM device driver.
The MSCDEX command must include at least one /D switch. To install additional CD-ROM device drivers, specify an additional /D switch for each device driver.

Specifies that the CD-ROM driver be allowed to use expanded memory, if available, to store sector buffers.

Specifies that MS-DOS should recognize CD ROM volumes encoded in Kanji. By default, MS-DOS does not recognize Kanji CD ROM volumes.

Enables sharing of CD ROM drives on MS-NET or Windows for Workgroups servers.

Directs MSCDEX to display memory statistics when it starts.

Specifies the drive letter to assign the first CD ROM drive. If you have more than one CD ROM drive, MS-DOS assigns additional CD ROM drives subsequent available drive letters.

Specifies the number of sector buffers.

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