The CD ROM device driver must be loaded

Your CONFIG.SYS file must include a DEVICE or DEVICEHIGH command that loads the CD ROM device driver that came with your CD ROM drive. The CD ROM driver's command line should include a /D:drivername parameter. This parameter assigns a driver name (also called a driver signature) to the CD ROM device driver
The MSCDEX command must include a /D:drivername parameter that matches the /D: parameter on the CD ROM device driver's command line. MSCDEX uses the /D: drivername parameter to identify the correct CD ROM device driver. The driver name is usually a name similar to MSCD000. Each CD ROM device driver currently in use must have a unique driver name.

Limit on number of logical drives

The number of logical drive letters available on your computer can limit the number of CD ROM drives you can have. The number of logical drives is determined by the LASTDRIVE command in your CONFIG.SYS file. By the time MSCDEX loads, some of the available drive letters might be used by other programs, such as a network, Drivespace, or Doublespace.


If you use SMARTDrive, make sure the MSCDEX command appears before the SMARTDRV command in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. SMARTDrive can significantly speed up your CD ROM drive by read-caching it. By default, when SMARTDrive loads, it checks for the presence of MSCDEX; if MSCDEX is present, cd rom caching is enabled.

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